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Eurone was founded in 2000 as a distributor for packaging products. Over the years, in front of a growing request for processed products, it starts production becoming transformer of sheets, bags and tubulars of air bubble, expanded polyethylene, high and low density polyethylene.
Today, thanks to many investments, it has acquired a production capacity that places it among the top producers of such products in Italy.


Give us your product; we will give it back with the right packaging: protection and transport packaging, scratchproof and dustproof packaging, presentation packaging; three different needs requiring a packaging with different materials.
Eurone is always able to provide the right solution being it the cheap HD (high density) bag, the sophisticated foam shell or the simpler air bubble bag.


The Expanded Polyethylene or FOAM has a cellular structure obtained with physical expansion, is very soft and provides excellent protection against scratches on objects with a particular sensitivity surface. The coupling with the high-density polyethylene gives this product an excellent tear resistance and makes it turn into envelopes.

The PLURIBALL or BALLED or bubble air polyethylene, thanks to the air contained in the balls, is a very good shock absorber and is mainly used as shock resistant packaging. The coupling with the high-density polyethylene makes it even more performing and protective. Note that the new technologies allow to have a more resistant bubble with very thin film thickness.

The HIGH DENSITY (HD) POLYETHYLENE is a film characterized by an opaque color and due to its molecular structure, it can be extruded with very thin thickness, which make it the cheapest packaging product with dust-proof functions. It is used in the spas as SHEET or TOWEL for mud baths when it has a greater thickness.

The LOW DENSITY (LD) POLYETHYLENE is the most widespread film in the production of bags and sheets. It is transparent in its original form, therefore it is ideal as presentation packaging and thanks to a very wide range of thickness, it can be used to package many types of products.


Thanks to the technological advancement in their production, all polyethylene products for packaging have undergone a considerable reduction of the thickness and weights in the last twenty years, thus reducing the environmental impact. Moreover, note that all these materials are fully recyclable.
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